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Enjoy an exciting and informative tour of the region's
Energy Trail. See lignite mined from the prairie and its
conversion to electricity, synthetic natural gas and various byproducts. You'll truly enjoy learning how North Dakota
helps fuel the nation.

Map of the Energy Trail
Color-Coded Letters and numbers correspond to the table of Mines and Plants below:



Available as of May 17, 2001 - a black and white state map of North Dakota with mines and energy conversion facilities. Available in .gif or .pdf format.

Power Plants

A  Antelope Valley Station

C  Coyote Station

Stanton Station

Leland Olds Station

Milton R. Young Station

Coal Creek Station

Heskett Station

Lewis & Clark Station


Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Lignite Mines

Freedom Mine

2  Beulah Mine

Center Mine

Falkirk Mine

Savage Mine

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